Sexy girls

[ what makes women so appealing, attractive & arousing? ]

The website is a tribute to female body and its attractiveness, appeal and beauty. However, it is not an erotic website with naked women and images of sexy girls. It is a study and research focusing on the key elements to female attractiveness. It is very interesting to think what makes women so irresistible for men that they need to look around and stear at hot girls on the street, on the beach or party. But what makes women so hot for men's brains? Some answers seem obvious but it is not so obvious for individual men and their preferences about things that excite them in girls. Let's get to the bottom of the question and break down all the sexy body parts and all those things that don't seem to have sexual nature but still somehow they send the appealing vibe called sex appeal.

Female figure

sexy girls in bikini, perfect female body figure

General female figure is normally the first thing that catches attention and makes the first 'wow' impression. What is the perfect female body shape? Surely, it's about the curves: the hips, the waist and bust. On the beach sexy girls in bikini show off their curved figure. The curves define their femininity and distinct them from man's body so much.

Pretty face

pretty face - sexy woman smiling face

Face is the first thing you see in most public and official situations. Usually it's because of a beautiful face we fall in romantic love from the first sight. Is it the smooth skin, the large eyes or the lovely smile? What are the key ingredients to a perfect face that starts our love obsession?

Perfect butt

perfect round butt, hottest butt, sexiest female bottom

Congratulations if you are a straight guy and can read the text without being distracted by the image of sexy round butt cheeks. Some may say it's a big booty or fat bottom. Some guys will prefer even more curvy bubble butts. Why men are so obsessed by nice female bottoms? Is there an ideal bum, a perfect butt shape?

Smart girl with character

smart girls, smart woman, female mind and attitude

Praising and paying only attention to all the female physical attributes and forgetting about attractive personality, character and behaviour would be very unwise. The youth and sexual beauty and love crush are very short term and pass very quickly. Intelligent girls can make not only a great life partner but assure interesting sex life for a long time.

Beautiful breast

perfect beautiful breast, sexy boobs

Some people say that men are divided into either sexy boobs maniacs or bum maniacs, according to their preference and what gives them a stronger kick when they look at woman's body. Is big breast more appealing to men than average size? Certainly, but is there a perfect breast size and shape for a perfect woman?

Sexy underwear & clothes

Sexy black dress tight, hot clothes

What kind of dress or underwear is really sexy? Of course we may say that any clothes that highlight nice curvy body shape. Women with ideal figure can simply go for tight clothes or showing more naked parts. However, let's face it, there are very few lucky girls with perfect sexy body. Sexy clothes are their chance to cheat and shine regardless body imperfections.

Sexy moves, walk and dance

hot sexy couple dancing

It's not just the look, the body or clothes. Sometimes totally average girl can surprise with very hot dance. Even the way she walks creates the seductive erotic vibe that drives men crazy. How should women walk to look sexy and what makes dancing female body so alluring.

The Magic of makeup

Hot Sexy Makeup Look

Let's cheat again with the magic of makeup! Perfect makeup can hide imperfections of a face skin or shape. Depending on occasion different makeup applied to eyes, cheeks and lips can make a girl young and innocently pretty, classic adult beautiful woman or super hot and sexy irresistible man-eater. Women can also spoil their look with face makeup. Let's discover the hot and sexy makeup looks.