Perfect female body [ ideal figure shapes of sexiest women ]

perfect female body figureWe are all human beings and regardless gender when dressed very warm in cold winter time men and women postures don't differ at all. In warmer seasons if we walk on the streets and watch people walking in different outfits and clothes we can quickly spot the very big difference between men and women. The nature of female and male body is revealed and that's the point when the sexy story of women's sex appeal begins.

General female figure is normally the first thing that catches attention and makes the first 'wow' impression. What is the perfect female body shape? Surely, it's about the curves: the hips, the waist and bust. On the beach sexy girls in bikini show off their curved figure. The curves define their femininity and distinct them from man's body so much.

Woman's figure

According to Wikipedia female body figure and shape is the cumulative effect of a woman's skeletal structure and the distribution and quantity of fat and muscle on the body. So the characteristic female body shape is determined by skeletal and bone structure. The most important facts are the relatvelly wider hips which along with on average shorter body height creates the typical 'guitar' like body shape. Now, let's add the second main fact that women have much higher fat percentage than men. The fat is used generally to smooth female body skin surface making it again more regular and curved. Also in contrast to men more fat is stored in buttocks, thighs and hips drawing this way the lovely sexy shapes that are coded in men's brains as attractive, appealing and even arousing in certain situations.

The sexy waist to hip ratio

So if we draw a female shape described in previous paragraph it will always have relatively narrow waist line and nice large round butt cheeks and this together with wide hips make for a relatively wider hip section and narrower waist line compared to men. We must ask what does it mean 'relatively'?

Is there a perfect female shape? We know that the female characteristic and at the same time sexual attractiveness is concentrated near the hips line. Narrow waist and wider hips make a lower waist to hip ratio (WHR) when compared to men. But is it all up to individual male preferances, very relative? Or can we assume that large majority of men are attracted to the same woman's body shape? In fact according to different studies ideal female body shape in men's brains is very similar. There are small variations depending on continent and race which is quite obviously based on DNA features shaping bodies of each race. Apart from that almost all men or boys consider girls as sexy if they have similar waist to hip ratio. What is it then? Let's look at some pictures of girls typically considered as hot sexy girls and pick our sexiest, hottest female shapes. (click to zoom in)

Narrow hips - sexy girl in bikini Perfect sexy hips - ideal woman in bikini Perfect female body - hottest woman shape in bikini Perfect sexy hips - sexy woman shape in bikini Hot Wide hips and narrow waist - hot woman in bikini
Front waist/hips: 0.75
WHR: 0.80
Front waist/hips: 0.68
WHR: 0.75
Front waist/hips: 0.65
WHR: 0.66
Front waist/hips: 0.60
WHR: 0.58
Front waist/hips: 0.54
WHR: 0.55

The images of bikini bodies above show different waist to hip ratio. The bigger difference between waist and hips circumference measurement the lower waist to hip ratio. Ignoring two side extremes we can narrow perfect woman measurements to a range between 0.70 and 0.60 of waist to hip ratio measured based on front view only. Real life actual circumference of waist and hips for the middle 3 girls would be somewhere between 0.75 and 0.58. This would include more preciselly belly and butt cheeks size. How does it compare to most desirable by men real life celebrity women (actresses, singers, models)?

Woman in bikini with ideal waist to hip ratio
Eva Longoria: 23/33inch = 0.69
Carmen Electra 23/35inch = 0.65
Jessica Alba 24/34inch = 0.70
Sandra Bullock: 24/34inch = 0.70
Jennifer Lopez: 26/38inch = 0.68
Angelina Jolie: 27/36inch = 0.75
Shakira: 24/35inch = 0.68
Halle Berry: 23/37inch = 0.62
Nicole Scherzinger 25/36inch = 0.69
Anne Hathaway: 24/34inch = 0.70
Katy Perry: 26/33inch = 0.78
Scarlett Johansson: 23/35inch = 0.66
Cheryl Cole: 23/33inch = 0.70
Selita Ebanks: 24/34inch = 0.70
Mila Kunis: 25/32inch = 0.78
Penelope Cruz: 22/33inch = 0.66
Beyonce: 26/38inch = 0.68
Rihanna: 24/36inch = 0.66

The waist to hip ratio is a key feature easy to measure and to crack by scientists. Obviously phisical atractiveness of girls or women is far more complex. The hips line can have different shapes and the widest point of hips can be located higher or lower than the ideal level.

The curved body difference in woman's side view

Apart from the front view with hips and waist difference between men and women and of course between the less attractive and more atractive women there are other not less important curves adding value to the physical attractiveness. Side view of female body brings up another strong difference and another very strongly appealing shape. Bearing in mind we talk about physically fit, not too skinny and not obese body the perfect curve of woman's side view is made again by two main factors: the skeleton shape and fat positioned mainly on butt cheeks.

Perfect Female Curved Body - Butt Side ViewThe stunning side view of female body with characteristic beautifully bent body shape makes a huge impression on men. The look is so actractive and alluring for number of reasons on different levels. When all the levels and reasons meet together they create a perfect recipe for a sex bomb. The ingredients are:

  • the fact that smoothly curved body is pretty and esthetic (lack of imperfection effect)
  • the fact that it is quite rare and unique (the new and freshness effect)
  • the difference comparing to male or less atractive women (related to the above factor but on more subconscious level)
  • better exposure of breast and butt 'sticking out' from the core body line
  • the fact that the central point of the curve is close to female sexual organs
  • the fact that curved, almost sexually bent body provokes causing almost immediate sexual reference to sexual intercourse through imagination.

The last of the points is the strongest and most important. It doesn't have to cause immediate physical sexual arousement in men, it normally doesn't happen especially in public places. However it ignites the drive, the drive to stare, to follow with look, to make a move - often partially subconscious - in order to get closer and establish relationship with the attractive girl.

Skinny, slim, fit or fat girls?

super hot hottest woman in tight latex - lateral side viewDo guys like skinny girls? No! This myth and question is still not clear for many girls. If we talk about ideal women - men are not keen on too skinny or too fat girls. The 'skinny girl myth' is still on because very often super skinny size models are used to present clothes on catwalks. It's convinient, any dress will fit, may be too loose but not too tight. Skinny models are also often used to present bikini and lingerie but this is very often an unavoidable trap. Fashion companies want to sell the myth that this bikini or underwear will make women look like this. So the common desire to be slimmer makes it worse.

What are the facts. If men don't like fat women it's because too much fat makes women less feminine - especially on the waist. Gaining fat female body drifts away from the atractive ideal encoded in man's brain. Men are normally not very enthusiastic about skinny girls. Some guys show interest in skinny girls as long some clothes cover their body. Extremally slim body may still seem to be atractive because the waist is very narrow and hips stay relatively wide because the hip bones can't shrink. In tight jeans or spandex skinny girl may also look like showing/reveal more body especially with large gap between their thighs. Guys don't like skinny girls because they don't represent healthy, round, curved and feminine sexual object. Too slim girls look like children or their skin clearly shows bones. So the body either doesn't look mature and feminine or the visible bones don't look healthy but rather make men feel almost pity. What about sporty, fit girls? Fit looking girls look ok because they usually keep very nice figure. The only problem is with muscles. First, visible muscles on female body make the skin surface less smooth and round and second muscles raise associations with male body. So perfect women can't be too slim, too fat or even too muscularly fit. So generally speaking healthy, relativelly slim figure is ideal.

How to visually correct woman's figure