Perfect butt [what is the perfect round bum shape]

perfect buttThe picture of sexy round butt cheeks can distract any guy. Some may say it's a big booty or fat bottom. Some guys will prefer even more curvy bubble butts. Why men are so obsessed by nice female bottoms? Is there an ideal bum, a perfect butt shape?

Do men like big butts?

It all seems to be confusing. The common knowledge is that men like very slim girls, which is in most cases not true. So obviously skinny butt cheeks can't be desired as well. So when girls ask: do men like big butts. The answer is generally yes and they cannot lie! ;-). However the bum must keep the typical feminine shape and curves to be perceived in male brain as attractive. Unfortunately it's not some kind of high level perception - it is rather quite automatic impulse that makes the nice female butt the focus point of guy's thoughts and senses.

Why nice bum is so sexy for men?

sweet butt cheeks in bikiniFor majority of men a nice sexy round woman's bottom is the strongest sexual impulse. It's the key point in purely erotic way of thinking about girl's body. It's the strongest sex appeal maker.

The appealing feeling is formed in mens brain by:

  • instinct expressed as libido (sex drive) coded together with our sexual orientation and its strength in our DNA
  • environment in which we grow up: social and cultural aspects having influence on our visual taste of attractiveness.

The word 'Instinct' doesn't sounds very clear and self-explanatory. For many people the term is very vague like if it was created because of lack of understanding. It is usually used to describe relations between animals.

The vague and magical 'instinct' could be translated to modern speech as coded by DNA in brain sensual pattern. The complex pattern when matched with signals received through senses triggers hormones. Hormones are responsible then for building interest and arousement.

Environment is the less important factor. In most cases it is much weaker than biological level. However sometimes it can shape men's preferences substantially. Things like role models, parents, dominating in media and promoted model or experiences from childhood may affect individual preferences.

stunning pink bikini ass lying on the beachWhat is the perfect female butt shape?

Is there a perfect sexiest butt? Quite often the answer will depend on men's personal taste and preferences. And those preferences were shaped in brain by the mentioned above coded in brain appealing pattern and additionally polished and mended by cultural influence.

How do we measure perfect bum attractiveness? Good answer would be the speed and strength of sexual appeal (the strongest physical kick for male brain and hormones). Analysing what visually creates the kick we will soon find out that the erotic appeal goes in pairs with known for human being general visual perfectionism. Things like: smooth skin, round symmetrical shapes, not too fat or too slim body and lack of other typical imperfections is essential. Let's create a perfect female butt picture making a list of key features (assuming woman/girl in standing position):

  • sticking out butt (how much butt cheeks stick out from the spine-legs axis)
  • round shape of the whole bum cheeks exept their bottom edge which is often preferable as 'sharper' join with the back of thighs. This makes butt visually stand out more frome the side posture line.
  • round hip curve with widest hips' point situated more or less at the crotch level
  • symmetrical hips and cheeks
  • smooth skin without visable defects
  • not too fat or too skinny; no sharp bone shapes showing and no cellulite or extra fat hanging
  • ideally, nicely spread and not too fat butt cheeks create sexy gap between legs just below the crotch. The see-through gap between thighs is very arousing for boys and men making very strong impact on guys brain even if observed on girl wearing bikini, underwear or tight elastic pants on.