Sexy Boobs [what is the perfect boobs size and shape]

perfect beautiful breast, sexy boobsSome people say that men are divided into either sexy boobs maniacs or bum maniacs, according to their preference and what gives them a stronger kick when they look at woman's body. Is big breast more appealing to men than average size? Certainly, but is there a perfect breast size and shape for a perfect woman?

Do men like big boobs?

Nice bigger than average breast is surely eye catching. However, would majority of men prefer women with large breast as their wifes or partners? It is very difficult to establish since when you ask men looking at female breast and comparing they would certainly choose larger boobs because they would be excited about the view and their brain would certainly say yes to larger boobs.

Why would men really prefer big breast? Women with big boobs are more 'eye catching' especially if the large boobs are exposed in sexy clothes. It is surely considered as an extra arousing thing in intimate bed situations so looking and touching more substantial breast would give more arousing impulses passed with more senses through hands and fingers. Also fully dressed or in any outfit, girls with larger breast make their 'front treasure' sexually appealing and inviting.

To sum up, being 'erotically sober' and not excited many men say they like breast to be not too small and not too big but just right for touching with hands. Some will prefer smaller because they will stay higher for longer or because they look younger and more girly than mature. many men for the same reason will think quite opposite. Some over-reasonable men will even look at the matter from the woman's comfort point of view being convinced that bigger breast means bigger problem for girls and women.

Are Natural boobs most beautiful?

If you ask most men they will say they prefer natural boobs. Also most men consider big boobs as more sexy. Among all men then will be very large group of those who will love natural breast more and say no to any fake boobs or implants (obviously if they get to have influance on the decision). However, there may be a small percentage of men who worship large boobs so much that they don't care if their feeling and touch is a little bit cheated by plastic surgery breast implants.

In real life men don't have much to say. Very often they sponsor the plastic surgery operation and then they may have something to say but normally

Beautiful Perfect breasts - size and shape

What is the perfect boob size and shape? Female breast can't be out of proportions with the rest of female body. Yes, much larger boobs will look still nice in tight bra or when a woman is partially dressed but breast should not drop down too much when being naked or in bikini or not too much supporting bra.